4 Red Flags – Warning Signs of Alcoholism

4 Red Flags - Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is the addiction for alcohol. In America alone, there are about 14 million alcoholics. This obsession for liquor goes beyond the control of the drinker. Like any other addiction, it is identified as a disorder. While there is no known medical cure for this, it can still be treated. Recognizing these warning signs of alcoholism may help you or someone you know from falling into addiction.

Blackouts: This happens when an individual completely forgets what has transpired in the occasion that alcohol was consumed. These people seem to have very little or no memory at all about their actions or the turnout of events just before passing out. Constant blackouts resulting from alcohol consumption is a red flag of alcoholism.

Defensive towards drinking habits: You will find people with alcoholic tendencies easily angered or are exceedingly defensive when asked about their drinking habits. In many cases, they unfortunately become clear rogues. They will have little regard for their actions and the consequences of their behavior.

Anxiety and irritation: Another red flag is the absurd manner of an individual on certain events or in particular times of the day even when they are drinking non-alcoholic beverages. The effects on the nervous system of too much alcohol intake is manifested on appearing nervous, irritated, and/ or in a state of anxiety for very trivial or no reason at all.

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Frequency of drinking: When a person is no longer drinking moderately and responsibly, then that’s the ultimate red flag up. He or she may just find it convenient to have alcohol at their disposal. They may provide for themselves a flask to discreetly conceal their personal supply of liquor. You may also find them ordering doubles at the bar and taking shots instead of sipping through a social drink. They eventually get intoxicated rather quickly because of immoderation.

Look out for these signs of alcoholism. It is neither too early nor too late to help yourself or someone you know get out of what could be a dangerous habit.

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