A Strict Candida Diet To Cure Candida – Will It Work For Me?

A Strict Candida Diet To Cure Candida - Will It Work For Me

A strict Candida diet is an essential part of your Candida remedy. By not keeping to a strict Candida diet, you may hamper your recovery from Candida. You’ll see in a minute why your diet is such a key factor in any treatment for Candida. But upfront you need to know that a strict Candida diet can only be part of the solution. There are many other underlying issues that you need to address for a fast, permanent cure for your Candida.

Your Candida infection is a yeast infection caused by a yeast (fungus) called “Candida albicans”. This fungus resides in our bodies in warm, moist places and normally causes no problems at all. It’s kept at manageable levels by the “good guys” – the beneficial bacteria that we all have in our bodies. Sometimes though the Candida albicans wins the battle and overgrows out of control thus causing the infection we all know as Candida, yeast infection, or thrush.

And here’s the interesting bit; this “overgrow” can be caused by any number of things, such as (but not limited to); lowered immune system, underlying health conditions, stress, bad diet, antibiotics, steroids, oral contraceptives, diabetes, hormonal changes, some medicines, recreational drugs, body acidity, etc. These are just some of the key triggers.

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So diet — or rather a bad diet — is one of the key factors, which is why more and more Candida sufferers are waking up to the importance of a strict Candida diet to help them in their recovery.

Foods you can eat as part of your strict Candida diet are; small amounts of organic red meat & chicken, oily fish, most fresh vegetables, oats, whole grain bread, goat’s & sheep and milk dairy products (organic), beans & pulses (sprouted), palm oil, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, lemons, limes, apples, grapefruit, brazil nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, garlic, fresh herbs, peppers, herbal tea infusions, water, mineral water, etc.

And foods to stay away from in your diet are; milk, buttermilk, cream, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, vinegar, pickled food, legumes, sugar, artificial sweeteners, fruit, honey, syrups, bread, cereals, pasta, pizzas, peas, beans, cheeses, peanuts, other nuts, alcohol, coffee, etc.

But — and there’s always a but — a diet on its own, no matter how strict, isn’t enough to get rid of the symptoms of Candida and ensure that they don’t come back, as so often happens with mainstream drug-based treatments that attack the symptoms rather than the root cause(s). You need to clear the infection and ensure it never comes back.

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A look at the list of “triggers” for Candida above, shows that there are many other issues that need your attention if you are to successfully cure your Candida. What we are finding nowadays is that tons of people all around the world are now taking a more holistic, more inclusive approach to their cure. And very successfully.

A strict Candida diet is just a part of the requirement, a very important part, but a part nonetheless. So, apart from your strict diet, you need to look at some lifestyle changes perhaps; natural home remedies like tee tree oil, garlic, white vinegar, yogurt, etc.; bathing practices; how you use douches, sprays etc.; even sexual behaviour, and much more.