Medical Tests And Their Advantages

Medical Tests And Their Advantages

Medical science is on beyond and solution of every disease is available but thing is that you should aware about your health, if you do not have any interest to live peacefully, then what the doctor can do. We have heard many proverbs related to our health like health is wealth and prevention is better than cure. Motive of such proverbs will be solved when we apply these in our day to day life. If we will take care of ourselves and our dear ones, life of every person will be easy and they will enjoy it. If you feel sudden change in your body or did not get relax after doing first ad therapy, consult to your health physician so that he can guide you about your health problem and you will be able to take necessary steps to prevent this disease. Cholesterol blood test will also tell you what change you have to do in your life style and which things you have to avoid.

For having better and happily life, you should have to go to doctor’s clinic once in a year or twice in a year. It completely depends on you that how much you are aware about your health. No surgery or operation is required in cholesterol test. Simple test and screening will be done in health checkup which includes:

  • General physical test like blood pressure rate, body weight
  • Lab tests include:
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Liver function test

Kidney function test

Lipid profile test

Complete haemogram

Chest X – ray

Blood sugar test

Urine routine examination

Ultrasonography of the abdomen

If you do not want to go your regular health provider, then you can search other doctors on internet. Go to the internet and check complete details and information about health care provider. You will get good package for body checkup in your nearest location. You must also have to check about tests and procedures which will conduct in body checkup. For your health check up, you may consult to your regular doctor and may ask what the price for test and which test will be examined in this checkup. But you may have question is where you can go for your health check up. Just take a look on all benefits of health check up:

Blood test – When you visit to a doctor, you can ask for blood test. In the blood test, various diseases can be found and may be prevented. Blood test is one which helps the doctor to evaluate your problems related to liver, thyroid, kidney and heart.

Prevention is better than cure – It will be good if you prevent your diseases to develop at major level. This can be done if you know about it when it has to be developed. In the lab tests and screening tests, all health problems will be detected so that you can do changes according to your health.

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