Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

Makeup Ideas For Blue Eyes

The eyes are very important feature of the face and it adds to the beauty of the face. The eye make up must be applied with extra care as it adds to the expression of your face. Now I will give you some ideas for eye make up for blue eyes. The proper amount of eye shadow and eye liner should be applied to blue colored eyes. The eyes should not look dull and the face should not look too strong because of putting lot of color.

The standard color that looks good on blue eyes are shades of brown and reddish. They are warm colors and they give contrast to the blue colored eyes. The choice of colors depends a lot on the time of day, the wardrobe you are wearing and the occasion you are going to.

Use brown eyeliner during day time with the blush of light brown and pale orange for the eyelids. It will go on the clothes having colors from yellow to brown. For cool colored clothes a blue shade that is darker than the eyes will give a get up. For green wardrobe, a shade of pale brown or flesh on the eyelids will give a better look. For pinkish type of colors, a blush of pink on the eyelids will give a nice look.

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To add grace to the evening occasions use a shimmer by applying a silver eye shadow on the top.The silver can be used alone also without the blend of other colors.The mascara of brown color on the eyelashes will give a very good effect to your face. If your dress have some glittering look then apply some silver eye shadow.

If you want to apply a simple eye make up that will look good on any types of clothing then apply black eyeliner on the edges of the eyes. Use grey or silver eye shadow on the eyelids. Apply black mascara to your eyes and use blusher on your cheeks.The lipstick should be of pale color. All these things will give a beautiful get up to the blue iris.

Do not use black brow pencil on the eyebrows. Keep the eyebrows subtle

You can use brown color with the black eyeliner and mascara.

Though there are standards of applying the eye make up but you can apply any combination that suits you and your style. So keep experimenting with different shades then you will be the best judge on which color suits you the most.