Makeup As Your Eyes Skin Tone

Makeup As Your Eyes Skin Tone

Choosing the colour of the make up is itself a difficult task prior to applying it for all the women in the world. As many kinds of colors are available in the market so the colour that you are going to apply should necessarily match your skin and eyes tone. So first look out the color of your skin and eyes then decide the colour of the make up.

The skin tone are of two colors warm and cool. If the colour of your skin is slightly pink then you can say that your skin tone is cool and if the colour of the skin is a hint of brown then it is a sign of warm tone. The base colour pink can be applied on a skin of cool tone while a blush of orange as base colour will match for warm tone skin.

The colour of the eye make up has to be chosen with extra care.The color wheel got all the colours in groups. The grouping is done under the warm and cool tones. The other side of the wheel is filled with complimentary colours.The complimentary colours has to be chosen depending upon the color of the eyes. Don’t apply strong colours that are totally in contrast to the colour of the eyes. The simple solution is you can use any colour with the base colour brown. The emphasis on the eye make up can be given by applying eyeliner and mascara. So it is suggested to use brown colour for a fair complexion and light brown hair and dark brown to black for dark complexion and dark colour hair.

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The evening events can be attended with the use of some shimmer, metallic and golden eye make up. For blue and black eyes silver and metallic white eye shadow is suggested while golden and white metallic eye shadow for the brown and hazel eyes.

Now comes which lipstick colour should be used. The light pink color will give a good look for a fair skin tone but it also depends upon which colour of clothes you are wearing and the occasion you are going to. The dark colour should be used for warm skin tone and orange should  be totally avoided. The wide range of colours are available for brunette ranging from pink to dark red.

The easy option is to go through fashion magazines and models with similar skin, hair and eye colour as yours. Try to practice on applying the make up so that you are not hesitate in applying it at the time of partying out.