Beautiful Make Up Ideas for Hazel Eyes

Beautiful Make Up Ideas for Hazel Eyes

There are a lot of make up ideas for hazel eyes, simply because the color of your eyes are very unique. They can be extremely playful. Sometimes they can be gray, green, or brown, depending on the intensity of the color. Thus, plenty of palettes will go together with your eyes.

Great Make Up Ideas for Hazel Eyes

One of the things you need to concentrate on will be the color of the eye shadow for hazel eyes. This is where you can play around with the hues. Usually you can settle for a black eyeliner and black mascara even if you have hazel eyes, especially if you want to achieve a smokey or a more dramatic effect.

Nevertheless, you always have to think about the more dominant color of your eyes. For example, if yours is more of hazel brown, then you have the widest colors to choose from. You can even stick to the brown shades. This is quite an exception to the rule, which states you should always go for contrast when it comes to eyeshadows. This means if you have blue eyes, you need to settle for orange shades to make the eyes truly pop. If you have more of green eyes, you can pick beige or champagne.

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The various make up styles for hazel eyes should also pay close attention to the hair color. One of the best make up ideas for hazel eyes and brown hair is to settle for a lighter brown shade, especially if you have hazel brown eyes and you have darker brown hair.

How to Do Makeup for Hazel Eye

There are several tutorials you can find on how to do makeup for hazel eye. Nevertheless, here’s a good how-to-do you can follow easily. When you’re applying the eyeliner, make sure you can apply it in both upper and lower eyelids. A lot of women have a preference to only one side only. As to the color, again that depends on the shade of your eyes.

If your eyes are green, a good eyeliner to use will be something purple. If it leans toward being brown, you can make use of the black eyeliner. You can also use a white eyeliner for the green hazel eyes especially if you like to achieve a more retro look. Choose your eyeshadows wisely. Always remember to never overpower the color of the eyes. The eyeshadow should bring out the real color of the eyes, not hide it.

Finish the eye makeup by curling up your lashes. There are plenty of excellent mascaras in the market today. They are not too sticky, causing the lashes to get attached together derawan. They also don’t create smudges, and they are very easy to remove. You can apply the mascara after you have put on the eyeshadow.

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Where to Get More Make Up Ideas for Hazel Eyes

These eye make up ideas for hazel eyes are very limited. There are certainly more out there, a lot of them even cute ones. You can widen your options by knowing where to find them. You can begin your search online.