Top Three Procedures to Lose Tummy Fat

Top Three Procedures to Lose Tummy Fat

Tummy is the part of body that is most visible and is most stubborn. No matter what you do, once the tummy makes its abode, nothing can help you get rid of the bulge. No diet and no exercise plan has ever been introduced that can cut the body shape like liposuction. Liposuction procedures, both surgical as well as non surgical, can give you a sculpted and trimmed body.

There are so many legendary myths associated with liposuction. But intelligent and aesthetic minds do not pay attention to these rumors. After all, there is nothing worse than people asking you due date for your delivery. Tummy is a mutual headache of men as well as women. There are no known and set standards that can define why fat loves tummy. However, one thing is for sure, nobody likes to wear layer of fats around waist and abdomen.

Various liposuction procedures (surgical as well as nonsurgical) are used to treat tummy fat. However, here we will share top three of them.

1.      The TriContour – Process

Doctor Jason Miller performs TriCounter – process in three steps. We cannot explain how important it is to get a qualified surgeon. Doctor Miller is the perfect choice when it comes of tummyfat removal. In this type of procedure, local anesthesia is used (another plus point). Three steps of TriCounter??? are defined below:

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Step: 1 – Very tiny opening are made in those areas of the body that are covered by delicate undergarments. Local Anesthesia (tumescent anesthesia) is given to give maximum numbness. You will remain calm and doctor will advise you to rest until anesthesia completely perform its task.

Step: 2 – Next step is to melt the fat. A special mixture of 3 laser wavelengths is targeted at the desired body parts.

Step: 3 – MicroAir PAL along with soft aspiration is used to massage the targeted areas. The fat is then disposed off the body through natural mechanism.

2.      The LipoSelection

This is another technique used by Doctor Miller. This is most basic fat removal procedure. This process not just eliminates fat, but it also acts on collagen thereby tightening the skin.

Step: 1 – The targeted body parts are treated with local anesthesia.

Step: 2 – SmartLipo Triplex technology is used to melt the fat. The wavelengths are set according to the amount of fat. The wavelengths peacefully and soothingly act on the collagen of the tummy skin and start the tightening process, once the fat is disposed off.

Step: 3 – Fat is eliminated with the help of MicroAire PAL and soft massage aspiration. The fat is massaged out of the body.

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3.      Vaser – Hi Def Liposculpture

It is a highly targeted technique. It uses ultrasound waves to eliminate fat cells.

Step: 1 – The fat cells of tummy are treated with highly targeted ultrasound wave. It is a least invasive and non surgical procedure. The fat cells are disrupted.

Step: 2 – The disrupted body fat is then massaged and removed out of the body.

The patient does not use any compression garment. There is a guaranteed reduction of a few inches of tummy fat. Hi def Liposculpture is an effective way to treat tummy fat, love handles, back, hips and buttocks.