No More Yeast Infections – How to Stop Yeast Infections

No More Yeast Infections - How to Stop Yeast Infections

Is no more yeast infections just a dream? For many women it seems so, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you know a bit more about your yeast infection and why your normal treatments could be failing you, then you can easily have no more yeast infections.

Although the Candida fungus that causes such an infection can appear almost anywhere, it particularly loves the warm, moist areas of your body, such as your intestinal tract, your vagina, mouth and anus. And you’ll find the fungus in most people, particularly in the intestinal tract, where it is kept under control by the body’s good bacteria.

In order for the Candida fungus to grow into an actual infection it needs two basic things; your body’s good bacteria to become compromised, and, food to feed it — it’s a ‘yeast’ fungus. So how does this happen? Basically anything that lowers your immune system, and, things like sugar that the yeast can ‘feed’ on.

But my topical antifungal creams that I use take care of this, right? Well, yes and no! They can take care of the local symptoms you apply the medications to, but, they don’t address these underlying issues. This is one of the main reasons why you keep getting yeast infections even after taking the medications.

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To help eliminate your existing infection, and, to make sure you have no more infections, you need to act on both; the symptoms and the underlying issues. But since your drugs are only acting on the symptoms, and, the fungus can become drug-resistant, a serious alternative to consider is a totally natural treatment for yeast infection.

So let’s look at the two basis things you need for no more yeast infections:

  1. build-up your immune system, and,
  2. stop feeding the fungus.

A central issue to both of these is your diet. A well-balanced healthy diet helps your immune system, plus, restricts the foods that the fungus desires. And also stopping smoking and too much drinking will help your immune system to recover too.

For a good anti-Candida diet you should avoid the following; sugar (refined, brown, drinks, fruit juices, food with high sugar, etc.), processed foods (e.g. bacon), foods with yeast (biscuits, cakes, bread coatings, etc.), drinks with yeast (e.g. beers), vinegars, etc. Also, many of our meats have antibiotics and steroids added, so try to eat as much organic as possible. A healthy Candida diet is a key element if you want no more yeast infections.