4 Hair Loss Treatments for Women

4 Hair Loss Treatments for Women

As people age, thinning hair is a natural occurrence, especially in men. However, there are conditions that can cause dramatic hair loss in women, as well. Medical issues like thyroid dysfunction, cancer treatments, diabetes or psoriasis can lead to losing some, if not all, of your hair. To help it appear thicker or to replace hair, you can use one of the following techniques.

Volumising Shampoos

Women with minimal hair loss can use volumising shampoos to give their hair a thicker, fuller appearance. While the shampoos do not help hair grow back, they can camouflage thinning hair. Volumising shampoos use ingredients with humectant properties to pull moisturiser into the hair shafts and roots, so they swell and look fuller. There are other volumising products like conditioners and mousses to help hair appear thicker, as well.

Hair Extensions

Many women traditionally use hair extensions to make their hair longer, but hair extensions can also be used to help women with thinning hair. The extensions will help hair appear to be thicker than it naturally appears by being placed in among their own hair. It is important to choose a hair stylist who is experienced with hair extensions because they can damage hair if not done correctly. While some hair extensions are glued in, some are woven or sewn in to prevent unnecessary damage to already thinning hair.

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Hair Replacement Surgery

Many women, as well as men, who have hair loss issues opt to have hair replacement surgery to fill in the gaps left by thinning hair. Some women who have female pattern baldness, often caused by genetics, have very thin hair and sometimes bare spots on their scalps. Fortunately, these areas can be filled in by transplanting hair follicles from areas on their head where their hair is thick, such as at the back of the neck or around the ears, and putting them in areas where hair is thin. By transplanting the follicles, natural hair grows in.  As it grows out, this hair can be washed and styled as normal.

Hair Mesh Treatment

Another female hair loss treatment is to apply a mesh cap to the scalp and weave human hair in with natural hair to give it a natural thickness. The human hair is real and is matched to the colour of the recipient’s hair, so it looks as if it is their own.  Instead of gluing the hair in, which can do further damage, it is woven in small sections so that it falls like natural hair would. Once it is finished, the hair is styled so that it looks beautiful and no one will be able to tell it isn’t your natural hair.

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For people who have medical conditions that have led to hair loss, getting treated for these conditions can often help stimulate hair regrowth. Once thyroid dysfunction is treated, hair will naturally start to regrow or once cancer treatments stop, most women’s hair will grow in again. However, these other techniques and treatments can be used for women with genetic hair loss issues and who need extra help having a full head of hair again.