Showcase the Beauty of Your Eyes with the Different Eye Makeup Styles

Showcase the Beauty of Your Eyes with the Different Eye Makeup Styles

There are various eye makeup styles you can choose, and each of them can bring out the beauty of the windows to the soul. The most important thing is you know the tips on how to apply the makeup.

How to Do the Makeup

There are a few pointers you have to follow when you want to do the different eye makeup styles. First you have to determine the tint types of the eyes. We are actually referring to the color of the eyes.

Never underestimate the hues of your eyes, as a lot of them are very beautiful. You really do not want to bury them underneath a heavy eyeshadow or thick eyeliner. For example, the eye makeup styles for blue eyes would include colors that are actually in the orange shade, because you want to remove the iciness of the color but you should do so subtly. Depending on the degree or intensity of the blueness of the eyes, the eyeshadow color can be from light orange to rust or copper.

Eye makeup styles for brown eyes are more abundant. This could be because there are more people who share hazel eyes or brown eyes. The color range of the eyeshadow can also be as close as to that of your eyes, such as brown or plum. Nevertheless, you can venture into other shades such as purple.

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Green eyes are extremely beautiful, and interestingly, one of the best colors that go along with them is peach. However, again, you need to play by the intensity of the color of the eyes.

Eye Makeup Styles: Going Dark

There are also certain dark eye makeup styles that seem to fit you well on certain occasions. For example, if you want to be more mysterious, you can opt for the gothic makeup, which uses a lot of block shades, especially when it comes to your eyeliner. You can be more dramatic when you have smokey eyes. This type of eye makeup is also common if you like to follow Asian makeup styles, such as those utilized by the Arabs, Pakistanis, and even Indians.

Cool Eye Makeup Styles

You can also be really cool or unique with your eye makeup style. For example, you can customize your eye makeup with this season’s makeup. If it’s Halloween, you use a darker color. If it’s Christmas or winter, there are opaque colored lipsticks and eyeshadows to choose from. Eye makeup that is more natural will suit your office work, while darker colors will make you look more elegant in the evening business.

To find out which style suits you, try Wisata Pantai Raja Ampat. You can get a lot of inspiration from what you see online or in magazines. You can also get hints from the experts themselves. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to play around. Who knows, you might be able to find your own style, which you can add to the list.

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