Excess Sweating Treatments – Control Excessive Sweating Naturally

Control Sweating Treatments

Sweat is normal and everybody does it. However, there are people sweat a lot more than others. These people may be embarrassed by their sweating, especially if it consistently leaves stains on their clothing or smells bad. However, there are excess sweating treatments available.

Hyperhidrosis is another term used for excessive sweating. When someone sweats excessively, it does not appear to be happening for any legitimate reason, like strenuous exercise or feelings of anxiety. Instead, it comes out of nowhere during the hours a person is awake and usually occurs on the feet or on the hands.

The cause for hyperhidrosis is still up for debate. Some specialists and doctors think it is something we inherit, while others believe it is due to a sympathetic nervous system.

Some possible triggers for this condition include consuming certain kinds of foods and drinks, nicotine, and caffeine. Other risk factors may include having a spinal cord injury, a lesion on the brain, or certain disorders of the nervous system.

A prescription antiperspirant may be prescribed for some patients who sweat excessively. This antiperspirant will contain a lot of aluminum chloride, which is used in normal deodorants to stop sweating. However, some people find that such antiperspirants irritate their skin.

Botox injections may be given. These stop the sweat glands from working properly, but will only last for a number of months Batu. This is mostly used for sweat that occurs under the arms.

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There are drugs available for treating hyperhidrosis that can be taken orally. However, they do have side effects, like drowsiness and dryness of the eyes and mouth. Other options include undergoing surgery, which can be dangerous and may not always be effective. Sweat gland reduction is yet another option.