Choose Makeup For Some Extra Pounds Women

Choose Makeup For Some Extra Pounds Women

Fashion is made for everybody whether slim, fat, beautiful or ugly. But while applying make up for a healthy women she needs to take care of some basic things so that their innate beauty comes on their face.

Some of the things to take care while applying make up are described as follows:

Use matte foundation that is closest to your skin colour.Avoid foundation that is oily as that will create a line on the jaw of your face which will focus more on the roundness of the face. You can choose a foundation stick or liquid foundation.

Now comes which shade of eye color should be applied. There are lots of options available in the market. If your eyes are brown then you can go for brown, pink, blue or green depending on the color of your dress. For blue eyes, colors like purple, grey and violet are the best colors. The brown and grey color can be applied for green eyes also. The decision of choosing a color depends a lot on the occasion where you are going.

Emphasize on your eyes by applying eyeliner and mascara. The eyeliner and mascara are available in different colors in the market You can apply either black or blue color but if you want to give a funky look then you can go for other colors also. If you don’t want a traditional touch then you can go for green and blue mascara’s also.

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Select a blush that matches your skin tone. The color of the blush should blend with the color of your skin. The simple way to choose a blush color is to apply light blush for fair complexion and dark blush for a dark complexion. You can also ask the sales person for a suggestion on which color will suit you more.

The lip color should be audacious. Neutral lip colors should be avoided as they don’t look classy on a fatty women and apply dark lip color as it will give your face a luscious appeal.

Go through latest fashion magazines to know the latest colors and trends. Keep experimenting as it is one of the best ways to know what suits you the most.