Be Your Best Self with Cosmetic Medical Procedures

Be Your Best Self with Cosmetic Medical Procedures

If you are looking for a cosmetic medical treatment to give you a much needed boost of confidence as well as addressing aesthetic or other concerns, Academy Laser Clinics are ready to serve your needs. At Academy Laser Clinics, you’ll find a wide of treatments for a wide range of cosmetic medical issues.

Procedures on offer include rejuvenation laser, acne scar removal or silhouette soft thread lift. This type of procedure will make you look healthier and will make you happier about your general appearance. These are just some of the procedures on offer for your skin.

Academy Laser Clinics also offer intimate treatments for women. Many women feel self conscious about the appearance of their vagina, and traditionally these concerns have been addressed with a surgical procedure called vaginoplasty. Rejuvenation and tightening can change the way your vulva looks, restoring your confidence.  The tightening aspect can also help women who have had children or incontinence issues. There is now an alternative to surgery for those who wish to address symptoms that may once only have been treated by vaginoplasty. The MonaLisa Touch is a quick, painless non-invasive treatment which uses lasers to restore elasticity to the skin of the vaginal wall, through the stimulation of the production of collagen and elastin. The production is triggered as the laser beams penetrate the skin and cause a natural process of regeneration to start.

Lead by the esteemed Dr Jayson Oates, at Academy Laser Clinics, you’ll find a team of doctors and nurses who are ready to offer treatments in a friendly and professional manner. The ground breaking non-invasive procedures that they provide, mean that stunning results are available, without the downsides of surgery.

When it comes to males, CALIBRE Clinics are the specialists, focusing on non-surgical penile augmentation and erectile dysfunction treatments.  If you are suffering from erection problems, you can take advantage of the erectile dysfunction PRP treatment which is offered by the clinic and is proven to be very successful. PRP Stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. This  natural tissue and skin rejuvenation therapy  uses the body’s own concentrated bioactive proteins and blood platelets to trigger regeneration. The PRP procedure consists of a medical assessment, followed by firstly the extraction of the blood and creation of the PRP. This is then re-injected in concentrated form. This injection actually rejuvenates the penile tissue which allow men to enjoy healthy and long lasting erections once again. Only natural substances are used in the PRP procedure which means that it is completely safe for the vast majority of men.

CALIBRE also offer non-surgical treatments for penis enlargement. Many guys are self conscious about the size of their penis and the penis enlargement procedure (also done by injection,) is sure to fix these feelings of self doubt. It also has the advantage of taking away the risks of surgery, and therefore making it a more appealing option to men who have concerns regarding the size of their penis.

Academy Face and Body in Australia can be found in both Sydney and Perth and offers a range of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic medical procedures. Dr Jayson Oates and his highly qualified and experienced team of doctors, nurses and dermal therapists aim to provide first class patient care and treatments that result in a natural appearance.

The wide range of procedures offered by Academy Face and Body are designed to make you more confident about your appearance with the aim to restore a more youthful appearance. Healthy skin is vital for that youthful look that we all want. You’ll find a full range of skin treatments, including the highly effective DOT Laser treatments. There are also surgical procedures including nose jobs, ear reshaping and neck lifts.

If you want to lose some weight but have fat stored in places that you are finding really hard to get rid of, liposuction may be a viable option for you. This procedure basically involves the insertion of tubes under the skin to gently remove fat deposits. It might sound like a scary procedure, but the team at Academy Face and Body are experienced so you can leave your worries at the door. Many people choose to have liposuction on their stomach or thigh area, and it proves very popular. Liposuction is a body shaping procedure, that will help to give you the confidence to wear what you want and feel proud of your body once again. If you want this procedure or anything else offered by the clinic, you will need to get in touch to book an initial consultation with one of the medical staff where options will be discussed and a personal plan out into action to get you looking and feeling great.