How To Apply Crease Shadow

How To Apply Crease Shadow

The features of your face will be highlighted by applying the right kind of make up on your face. You can create a crease in your eye shadow to show deep and beautiful eyes. The eye-lids will look more striking than before. How to get this is explained below:

The first step is to apply the base make-up. The highlighting base that is to be used must be light in color in comparison of the color that you will use on your eyes. You can choose a contrast color for the highlighting of the face and for the eyes. After the applying the highlighting cream all over your face and you have covered your eyes area also, color the eye lid area by applying a shade darker than the highlighting color and apply it from the crease to the eye lashes.

Now you can apply black eye shadow for a dynamic look. Black is not at all a common color and not everybody has that in their make up palette. The black color can be used to create the base for the crease in the eye shadow.

The application of the eye shadow is done with the help of a brush .Apply the eye shadow starting form the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. If your natural crease is too small then you can also apply it a bit higher. Use only a small amount of the black eye shadow.

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The next steps are of darkening and blending. When the crease line is set properly in your eye lids you need to brush the color there. Fill the color gently don’t take a larger amount of color as this will lead to very unnatural look. .

Now blend the colors into the eyes. The blending can be done by the brush or with the help of your fingers to smudge the color properly. All the colors should blend with each other in a proper way and make sure no color gets faded away as this will change the color which your require. If any color fades then apply a little bit of it again.

The last step is to apply the eye liner and mascara. These all steps will give you a very nice look.